Monday, December 19, 2011

Who I am.

I am
Alyssa Lee Linder

I love pretty much everyone. 
I cry during almost every movie. (including Transformers and X-men)
I'm upbeat and smile a lot, because I like to see others smile back.
I have insecurities as much as the other guy. 
I sometimes pull my pants up when I sit down so that I wont have a pooch when I drink.
I enjoy having fun spontaneous adventures with strangers.
I also enjoy taking long drives and listening to music.
I like to dance in the middle of the dance floor.
I sometimes like to randomly bust out 80's dance moves, just because I can. 
I'm awkward and sometimes over the top.
I talk too much, but usually that means I feel out of place. 
I ALWAYS over-analyze everything
I love kissing entirely too much.
I cry when I'm drunk, because I have issues just like the next person.
I am bad with money and rarely make the right financial decisions.
I'm adventurous and spontaneous.
I will listen to you and help you because I DO care. 
I most of the time will not believe that you're my true friend.
I have been hurt, and I am stronger because of it. 
I am capable of love, but terrible at maintaining it. 
I lie sometimes when I really like someone in fear of getting hurt. 
I break some hearts, but can't explain why. 
I will watch stupid romance movies all night and realize that something is missing. 
I will dance in the middle of an empty parking lot to Justin Timberlake or Usher. 
I will make things awkward. 
I will say the wrong things and regret it in the morning.
If you put on The Notebook I will quote the entire movie.
I never have admitted the real reason that I love Spiderman. 
I sometimes feel like I relate to boys more than girls, but love big groups of females. 
I drink too much, and like it.
I can never say no to a good time, or a friend. 
I will help you if you need me. 
I can be extremely irresponsible sometimes. 
I sometimes date younger guys, because I think that I might be scared of expectations.
I believe that comfort is probably the biggest and most important feeling for me. 
I also believe that it is EXTREMELY hard to find. 
I am forever indecisive and rarely know what I truly want. 
I am un-happy....a lot. (but I don't tell anyone)
I feel like there are only 3 people in this world I truly can rely on and trust.
I try my hardest to be an honest person, but I have a hard time being honest about how I feel.
I really would like to be closer with my family, but don't know where to start. 
If you have gotten to this point, I'm sorry my list is so long. 
I put others before myself, and I'm done trying to change that. 

I am me. 

And that's all I can be, take it or leave it.

-Alyssa Lee

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