Monday, December 19, 2011

Love, Actually.

Love and other drugs

When I think of love automatically I think of the love you find in a significant other. I believe this is the first thing that comes to most minds. Well, I'm going to address a different kind of love today. The kind of love you not only find in your best friends, but also in strangers, and most importantly in family.

Love itself is the most profound feeling known to human beings. It's a feeling that every single human on earth longs for and is necessary for human growth. What is missing I think in most individuals is not only searching for love in a boyfriend/girlfriend, but also harnessing love for the people who care about us...or even more difficult is showing love to people know we do not know.  Love isn't an emotion that should ever be lacking in life or in friendships. The way I have always seen it is that friendships are relationships. It's really hard to separate the two.

Love isn't who you are dating, it's who you decide to genuinely care about and share your life with. That includes not only friends and family, but strangers and significant others as well. 

It's time to stop being so self-involved, or to start being more self-involved depending on your situation. I know with me I had the hardest time giving myself the credit deserved as well as the time to myself that is necessary to love myself. There is a lot of great qualities in all of us and if we can balance all of the positive and negative, I believe we will be more apt to give love to everyone who deserves it. Also it will be easier to see the good in others when we realize the good in ourselves.

My goals for myself:

-Give more people the benefit of the doubt, and try not to be so quick to judge.
-Find out what qualities I love about myself, and focus on those instead of my negative qualities.
-Give myself more credit
-Stop over-extending myself when it isn't necessary....learn to say no.
-Get more comfortable with being alone...not only at home, but also in public.
-Don't change who I am as a person to make others happy/comfortable. Be myself, always.
-Love myself completely
-Learn to overcome the past and move forward for myself.

Thanks for listening,
Alyssa Lee

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