Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Honestly, who isn't drawn to someone who is artistic or creative in life.......

Yeah...that's what I thought...everyone is.

Creativity refers to the phenomenon whereby a person creates something new (a product, a solution, a work of art, a novel, a joke, etc.) that has some kind of value. What counts as "new" may be in reference to the individual creator, or to the society or domain within which the novelty occurs. What counts as "valuable" is similarly defined in a variety of ways.

It's the art of making something out of nothing.
Whether it be musical....

photo by: Kimberly

This is Taylor Crawford. I met Taylor about a year or so ago and this girl is so talented I can't wait to see her progress in music and watch her grow in the music industry! 

Or it can be seen in photography...

Kimberly Scott

Kim is one of the most talented people I know and her photography and just the way she lives her life inspires me to be a better person. I met her a little over a year ago...maybe 2 years ago...I don't keep track of time as I should. I care so much for this woman though. Just to see the way that she cherishes life and her family inspires me so so much. 

I can't talk about photography and leave out my friend Amber Rose 

Amber lives here in Austin now and works at Red Rogue studios here. She is so talented and you can see that in the picture above. Her spicy attitude and nurturing nature draw people in and make her one of a kind. Her artistic eye with photography is obvious when looking at her work. This girl never ceases to amaze! 

Or there are the crafty ones...

Made by: Mandy Alyssa Wright 

Let me tell you a little about my friend Mandy. Mandy got into a very serious car accident a couple years ago and she actually just finished her last surgery recently. She is one of the strongest and uplifting people that I have met in the last couple years. Her strength through times of immense pain and frustration just makes me want to be so much stronger than I am. This girl will not only stand up for herself but stand up for her friends as well. Don't mess with the girl in braces ;). We grew to be such great friends and despite everything she's been through she will still drink you under the table! I love you Mandy. 

Now I have to tell you a little about my friend Mack Damon.

He produced and helped make the video I posted above and without this amazing man I would have never met all of the people that I have mentioned so far in this blog. He is so creative and wonderful and you can almost see the creative brainwaves when this man has an epic idea. He also has a tendency to bring wonderful people together. For this we are all grateful. I love you sir. Keep up your beautiful way of living and inspiring. This world needs you.

All of these people and so many more inspire my creativity and make me want to be better than I am. 

Where do you find creativity?
I'd say the answer to this is inside of you. I remember when I was younger I used to find any way I could to be creative. I was a member of about 4 failed band attempts, left 5 scrapbooks unfinished, and probably drove my mother crazy with all the hobbies I tried as a young girl. I sometimes wonder where my creativity went.....

Yeah I love photography and some might say I'm kinda good at it, but even that I find myself lacking inspiration and leaving projects unfinished. I think we should all make it a goal that in 2012 we're going to


It doesn't have to be something big...maybe you'll make a purse or a scrapbook. Use your creative vibes and just come up with something for just you. 

Find something that you are good at and go with it. 

I promise you wont regret it. 

On that note...I'm off to Hobby Lobby.
Also...I'm finally going to make a portfolio for photography. 

photo: Alyssa Lee
subject: Courtney Meyers

I think everyone should check out this site, just cause it's kind of cool.

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  1. I am truly lucky to have met you and even luckier to now call you a great friend! You are such a wonderul and beautiful person in so many different ways and I'm not sure how I ever lived a day without you. I miss you and hope to see you very, very soon!